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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 23, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney in marin county. >> a violent night in south san francisco. 64 shot, two killed in what police say was a drive-by shooting that may have been gang-related. thick fog in the north bay valleys but for the rest of us it's clear. a lot of sunshine later on today. i'll have the 7-day forecast next. >> the commute much smoother than yesterday. no major spots right now. traffic report coming up. >> good thursday morning. it's 5:00. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. the f.b.i. part of the investigation of a massive sewer spill in marin county, one the district expects may be
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environmental terrorism or extreme negligence by a contractor and it's causing extreme worries for residents. terry mcsweeney is live in kentfield with the latest. terry? >> i'm here on college avenue maybe a quarter mile from the college of marin. you've got a generator down there and it is pumping up the clogged drainage down college avenue because right now the sewage pipe is clogged. 850,000 gallons of raw sewage came out of here last week, and the possibility is environmental terrorism as a cause. take a look at some of the things that happened out here. you're going to see some of the agree found. officials say there is another explanation though. ironically, that construction crews who were working on a project to prevent sewage overflow actually ended up clogging the sewer. now -- >> this looks like construction debris from the sewage project. in all likelihood, it probably
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is. >> which means that the event friday and saturday was either extremely negligent or possibly environmental terrorism. >> as i was saying, inside were found chunks of asphalt, electrical wiring, hard hats, tools, parts of a school track that were dug up during that sewer project. the sewer district says it's going to call the contractor jmb construction to get their side of the story. they're going to call the f.b.i. in to see if it's intention this happened. we did call jmb last night but did not get a response. there's no public danger now but there is the possibility of some road closures out here if there is more spillage and that is a possibility. live in kentfield, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. 5:02. in south san francisco, the search is on for at least three suspects in an apparent drive-by shooting that killed two people and injured four. police say it happened after 7:00 last night on 8th lane, an
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ally off linden avenue in south city. of the survivors, one victim is in critical condition and three others were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. don't have the right video but let me tell you what happened. the suspects may be driving a brown chevy impala similar to this one with tinted windows. neighbors say they're very concerned about the violence. police do say the area is known for gang activity but they won't say if this shooting was gang-related. 5:03. tuesday lawmakers will tour napa state hospital this morning following serious attacks by patients on staff members. a patient strangled a psychiatric technician in october. another patient is expected of assaulting two different employees over a four-day period earlier this month. the nurses union hopes today's visit by state senator and assemblyman michael allen leads to more safety measures for hospital staffers.
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>> officials in oakland believe going after motel owners will help combat the city's prostitution problem. john russo named three motels yesterday in a lawsuit that accuses them of turning a blind eye to prosecutors and clients. calls the hotel magnet for a human trafficking and other crimes. face a choice: clean up their priorities or risk being shut down by the city. >> showing up with five young girls, all underage of 18. that should signal something, that there's something wrong. >> how old if you have a girl in the back of the car. you left and i can't pay attention 24 hours and the girl might be in the room. >> that businessman told abc 7 he doesn't rent rooms by the hour and a pimp recently broke his car windows because he refused to rent a room to the man. san francisco mayor gavin newsom says he will delay his swearing in as lieutenant governor if the supervisors don't approve a successor he approves.
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the meeting is january 4th and newsom is supposed to be sworn in january 3rd. knewsome told the san francisco chronicle he will delay the swearing in until january 8th if the board doesn't meet in a special session and appoint a successor. it will allow the more moderate incoming board and new members to appoint the mayor's successor. residents of southern california are trying to recover from heavy rain that hit the area causing mudslides, flooding and damage. some parts experienced as many as five separate storms. >> after a week of wintry madness, southern california is expecting clear skies today. so much bad weather, so much need for help. this san diego inn had to be rescued. >> you don't know what to do. you cooperate with the firefighters. >> qual guam stadium is a medicals but it will be ready for tonight's college bowl game, a mud slide in holland, california, buried 20 homes and
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nearly everything else in its path. >> my living room, the downstairs. i got nothing left. >> flooding has made many roads nearly impossible to navigate and forced the closure of others. >> right now i've attached my bicycle to the back of my car in north laguna and i'm going to try to drive as far as i can north and when i'm stopped, i'm going to get out, ride my bike to my appointment in south laguna. >> no matter how perilous, some refused to leave even ignoring evacuation orders. >> when the evacuation orders were given last night it wasn't raining. and -- and i think ultimately we felt that they were doing a good job. >> this massive storm is moving across the country with nevada, utah and arizona now bracing for the worst. >> it's 5:06. the latest storm may be out of
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there but the mud slide threat definitely isn't. incredible rain totals from the past week. >> check out the rain totals from the last six days in southern california. los angeles almost 8 inches and the sienna anita dam 16 inches. the flat almost 25 inches the last six days. as that storm moves towards l.a., at least we'll have a couple of dry days to help them recover from all the heavy rainfall, especially from the storms yesterday. here's a look at temperatures right now if you're heading out the door. they're going to get actually a bit cooler. 46 in san francisco, only 35 in santa rosa. sunrise at 7:22 this morning, and visibility is pretty low in the north bay valley because of all the dense -- rather the wet grounds and the cool air. santa rosa only a fourth of a mile visibility. half a mile visibility in novato. later on today we'll be warming up nicely. we'll see partly sunny
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conditions and then sunshine this afternoon with temperatures climbing up into the mid-50s, even upper 50s in san jose. get ready for the next storm system headed our way. christmas just in time for lunch and then it turns into showers on sunday. good morning, megan. at least roads have been fairly dry. >> they have been dry. we do have a couple new accidents though right now. the first one along the peninsula is northbound 101 at willow. the willow on-ramp is where a camper fell off. the central off-ramp is closed right now. that's for police activity. a new injury crash in solano county involving five cars. it's westbound 80 at dixon. the middle lane is blocked there. the good news is it's early enough all our sensors throughout the bay area still showing green so speeds are still moving at the limit through these areas. kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot. it's 5:08.
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>> a report showing more economic growth than thought last quarter. sale of existing homes up 5.6% last month. the improvement is not consistent and expect a slow growth next year. reasonto break out the eggnog. sales up 23% compared to this time last year. online retailers are going all out. some are offering free shipping on orders placed today. two airplane making giants say sales are much higher than expected. credit higher airline traffic and more purchases of airplanes. >> it's 5:12 now. all the extra fees airlines are
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imposing on us, the passengers, are paying big dividends for the carriers. the international air transport association says the combined profits for major airlines topped $7 billion in just the first nine months of the year. for travelers those profits came at a price. airfares jumped 13%. airlines gathered $8 billion for extra fees for baggage, fuel and the like. pressure on gavin newsom to sign a local hiring law. they delivered that message to him in the form of a thousand christmas cards. the law would require that 20% of workers of publicly-funded projects be san francisco residents starting in 2011. that number would increase annually until it reaches 50%. >> no one in our community can take our jobs away because we don't have anything to give away because you can't take nothing
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from nothing. (applause) >> neighboring counties like san mateo county are opposed to this measure. but the mayor's office isn't making any promises whether they'll veto or not. >> the worst thing we can do as a government is overpromise and underdeliver. this is a very complex piece of legislation that you folks are going to be relying on, unemployed san franciscans are going rely on. >> the san francisco controller estimates the law would pump $270 million into the local economy over the next ten years. the recession continues to take a painful toll on so many people. but not every worker and business is struggling. wayne friedman tells us about a local company and the sweet taste of success even in hard times. >> it has old-fashioned products and old-fashioned employee values. >> i am a new by. >> so says cheryl seoul, the
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sales manager. she's been with the company 14 years and out there on the is assembly line, only a mere 35. >> what did the recession do to this place? >> a bit of a bite. >> just hours cut back at worst. in the time of economic woes, this would be a story of economic wii. she's hired 8,000 seasonal employees this year. >> i need it because christmastime and i have children so i needed it. >> she's been out of work six months. look at her now. >> i have a number of employees that started out seasonal and went and became management. >> this is the time of year when production is a dizzy pace. 7,000 pounds of chocolate for a million pieces of candy every day. americans and their sweet tooth. >> what goes in the center, the
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purchasing power goes bananas. >> if you want to go old school? the bonbon room. >> the most trusted and tested employees. >> how long have you been working here? >> 41 years. >> the prestige of hand making their signature candy and dribbling the "s" on top. rare to see people working this long for a company. >> more hand work? >> yes, it is. a lot of tender loving care that goes into the work. >> in troubled times, how sweet is that? >> from seas candies in southern san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> with the story how chocolate can help persistent coughs? >> i love that story in south san francisco, right by the airport. >> a great day to go out and do last-minute christmas shopping. it will be dry.
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you can put your umbrellas away. >> ballmer peak out towards the bay and, yes, clear skies. that means cool temperatures this morning. also means that we've got some valley fog developing with all the moist ground, especially the north bay valleys. if you're heading out the door right now, here's what you can expect. definitely bundle up. only 36 in santa rosa, 41 san rafael, 43 napa. so you notice there's cooler areas. that's also where we see some of the fog develop. 47 in san jose right now. 49 gilroy. check out the visibility. it's really coming down quite a bit in napa. only one and a half miles right now and only a fourth of a mile visibility in santa rosa and novato. that could be a tough morning commute right now as you make your way on 101. of course, megan will be keeping track of that this morning. but what you can expect for today. once you get through the fog and
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valleys in the morning, sunshine this afternoon. a nice change. dry tomorrow as well but at least we'll see thicker clouds return tomorrow. then look out for the next storm. it's slated to head our way right around lunchtime christmas day. highs today mid to upper 50s with the exception of clear lake at 50. 57 san jose, 55 oakland. as we head a little further south, upper 50s through morgan hill, gilroy, watsonville, right around 57 degrees. here's a look what's happening upstairs. a storm that brought southern california moving east. this ridge is going to keep this storm up to the north today and tomorrow. the next storm moves in christmas day bringing us some very windy conditions as well along the coast. here's the time frame for christmas day. if you can get out before noon, you should be okay. the heaviest rain in yellow, that moves in lunchtime to 4:00
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saturday. then it turns into showers. a lot of rain. ben lohman, almost 10 inches. your 7-day forecast, enjoy it while you can! sunshine today. tomorrow we see clouds return. stormy conditions by christmas turning into showers on sunday. looks like we've got at least another break from the rain on monday before a chance of rain returns on tuesday. megan has an update on an accident in solano county. >> still following this injury crash involving five cars. it's westbound 80 at dixon. the middle lane is blocked. they're trying to clear out the roadway and get everything to the shoulder. we'll keep you updated. however our sensors still showing green. that means this accident not causing any delays through solano county yet. a live look at the south bay. this is san jose, 280 at the 17 overcrossing. traffic very light here. no problems heading northbound through the downtown area. san jose, 101 at the 880
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overcrossing. a nice ride heading all the way up the peninsula. heading to san francisco on the golden gate, same story. beautiful commute making your way into san francisco this morning. you can get traffic updates by going to our website., just click on the traffic link. >> it's 5:20 now. you're supposed to make sure your new car is safe. dummiless need to put on a few extra pounds. ererererererererr
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>> some south bound struggle.
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milpitas, went shopping yesterday in sunnyvale. donations were so sparse for the nonprofit, it had to use most of its savings to meet the needs community. they've been saving ten years for the rainy day and they say this year is their rainy day. >> never had to buy as many gifts. bought maybe $10,000 worth in the past. we spent over $118,000 buying gifts this year. >> sacred heart is also low on donations. this year's christmas retail sales are up 5.5% from the same time last year. consumers have spent near $19 billion just between december 17th and 19th but nonprofits say there hasn't been a corresponding surge in donations. highway safety issuing 66 top safety awards. that's the most the agency ever
5:24 am
issued. hyundai and kia topped the list as the safest new vehicles. they're followed by general motors, ford and toyota. emergency medicine is recommending auto safety testers should be using overweight crash test dummy's. obese people are 21% more likely to die in a car crash than people of normal weight. car companies should conduct more realistic test crashes by using overweight dummies. a bay area basketball legend has moved into one of the game's most prestigious clubs. captured 800 career victory last night when the cardinals won at the university of san francisco last night. 100-45. the win makes her the sixth coach to capture 800 wins. started coaching in 1978 at
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idaho. she's in her 25th year at stanford. >> to win 800 games, never really -- i thought about it but the size and that's a lot of games. and i just realized i've been at this a long time. it really was special. >> she earned the win against her former point guard jennifer acy who have's in her first season coaching the lady dawns. how about that. helped win its first national title 20 years ago. after the game acy presented the game ball to vanderver. president obama in hawaii for a low-key vacation with his family. the president planned to arrive saturday but stayed in washington d.c. a few extra days while lawmakers wrapped up a productive lame duck session. first lady michelle, daughters medical leah and sash that and dog bo have been vacations since
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last weekend. the first family is expected to return to washington on january 2nd. >> police are on the hunt for suspects in a drive-by shooting that left two people dead and four others wounded. the latest in the investigation next at 5:30. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in kentfield in marin county where we have definitely had an 850,000 gallon raw sewage spill. the question the f.b.i. wants to answer is: is this environmental terrorism? the story coming up in a live report. >> heavy rain brings more flooding and mudslides in southern california. the mucky cleanup job facing hundreds of neighborhoods. >> and here's a look at airport delays around the nation. right now no major delays reported. you see the pink and white. look for possible delays there today. into minneapolis. possible delays later on in boston as well with snow falling over there. of course, you can always stay updated on your flight by going
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to you can get the latest information by clicking on flight tracker which
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>> authorities wondering if this is environmental terrorism. a live report. >> two people are gunned down and four others wounded in an apparent drive-by shooting. police are trying to determine a motive. >> you have to deal with thick valley fog but sunshine later on. i'll give you a heads up for the next storm headed our way christmas day. >> a crash involving five cars.
5:30 am
all the details coming up. >> an alameda county judge issues a restraining order preventing turn over to a foreign consortium. >> our top story, was it environmental terrorism or gross negligence. a marin county sanitary district investigating that question after a massive raw sewage spill into a local creek and san francisco bay. terry mcsweeney is live in kentfield, the source of the problem. terry? >> the district has a generator near the college of marin pumping out the clogged sewage line and sending it all the way down college avenue. it's going to be causing some inconvenience for drivers as the day goes on because you can't make a left or right over this huge hose set up here. but 850,000 gallons of sewage spilled out last week. trying to figure out who's
5:31 am
responsible. this long pipe out here, doing the work of the sewer. only 100,000 gallons was recovered over that 850,000 spilled. the sewer was clogged by construction equipment. concrete chunks of pieces of the kent middle school track. the wire out here as well and some hard hats. it was all possibly from a sewer construction project crew. the project designed to avoid sewage overflows. now, crews just left it out and they brought it into the manhole. that's one possibility. or, listen to this. >> the only real alternative is if someone lifted the manhole lid and somebody put the stuff into the system. >> getting hold of the contractor, jmb construction. they have called the f.b.i. to ask if they can help with this
5:32 am
investigation, if it is someone who did this on purpose. environmental terrorists is what they are calling them. no danger to the public but there is the possibility of further spills should there be more downpours and apparently we're going to get a couple days of dryness and then some more this weekend so could kick up again at that time. live in kentfield, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. a manhunt is on for three gunmen after a shooting last night in south san francisco that left two people dead. a third fighting for life and three more injured. it all happened last night on 8th lane off linden avenue in south city. investigators say the area has seen gang activity but police don't yet know if this shooting is gang-related. one of the surviving victims is listed in critical condition and three more treated for non-life-threatening injuries. none of the victims have been identified. no motive for the shooting. the suspects may be driving a chevy impala similar to this one
5:33 am
with tinted windows. neighbors are very concerned. >> scary, you know. i got kids. i got four kids. >> this particular part of town, very, very hard. right before christmas. >> anyone with information can call the south san francisco police or an anonymous tip line that can be found on our website it's 5:33. a judge will decide next week whether to permanently bar caltran to contract with a european firm to build and maintain the doyle drive replacement in san francisco. this after a judge sided with a public employees union and issued a temporary restraining order against that plan yesterday. the professional engineers in california government believe the arrangement is a bad deal. caltran claims the 30 year contract will save the state money but legislative analysts recommended against signing the deal earlier this week. a number of bay area carpoolers going over the bay bridge have declined and officials say they're not even sure they can
5:34 am
explain why. new statistics from the metropolitan transportation commission show the number of carpoolers crossing the bridge dropped 8% between 2009 and 2010. since july 1st when that new toll was implemented, the number of multiperson cars dropped 23%. officials say they don't have a specific answer for the drop saying so many factors could affect it, including unemployment, the economy, and the increased toll. residents in southern california are cleaning up today following several days of heavy rain. streets were turned into rivers on several streets here. severe flooding in san diego's mission valley neighborhood caused three hotels and one apartment complex to be evacuated. water completely surrounded one inn forcing evacuation of hotel guests in inflatable rafts. >> you don't know what to do in situations like that. cooperate with the firefighters and hopefully they help you do it.
5:35 am
>> not far away qual cam stadium became submerged. they're cleaning up trying to be quick about it. a 4 foot high wall of water down laguna beach in orange county. more mud came sliding down a hillside in high land near the foot hills of the san bernardino mountains. in the same storm system, brought a lot of snow to tahoe and ski resorts. tahoe, great up there for christmas. if you head up, you want to head up today ortomorrow and get there before christmas day. get there before lunchtime because that's when the storm is headed to move in christmas day. so it will be tough traveling up there christmas afternoon into sunday morning. here's a look at temperatures right now as you head out the door. 45 san francisco. 44 fremont. but check out santa rosa. 36. that's where visibility is pretty limited right now. in fact, it's only a 4th of a
5:36 am
mile in santa rosa and novato and only one and a half miles in napa. that's because we have this cool air sinking in thes have and the point ground so a lot of fog developing there. should clear though later on this afternoon. sunny skies and upper 50s as we head a little farther southbound through gilroy and watsonville 57 degrees. so enjoy the next two days where it's going to be dry before the storm comes in christmas by lunchtime lingering into showers on sunday, dry again on monday before the next storm heads our way midweek. megan, been pretty messy in solano county. >> it is messy in solano county. an injury crash at dixon. fire crews, ambulance and tow truck on the scene. at one point chp had to stop all traffic to get the emergency crews through. now they just have one middle lane of traffic blocked. our sensors are still showing green so means speeds aren't
5:37 am
delayed right now heading through solano county. north bay drive times frances says we have areas of thick fog and low visibility. right now southbound 101 from highway 12 to 37, 26 minutes. pretty light heading through san rafael, 8 minutes from 37 to 580 and then your final destination to the golden gate bridge, 11 minutes from 580 to the bridge. kristen. >> still ahead, a pilot goes public with his concern about security at sfo. now he's in hot water with the tsa. after months of glitches and delays, why muni may be back on track. first a holiday greeting from a service member in iraq. force force a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire.
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and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack. try it today. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. it's 5:40. let's take a live picture of lake tahoe. this is heavenly valley. clear today, awesome skiing and boarding but more snow falling on christmas day and middle of next week. the time line from frances coming up in just a moment. traffic, we'll check with megan coming up. >> commuters in san francisco might notice they've endured fewer delays lately after a
5:41 am
rough stretch early this fall. delays aboard metro have fallen dramatically over the past six weeks. this followed vehicles stalling hundreds of times on market street september and october. brass claims they've worked out software issues and signal malfunction. airline pilots behind the scene has landed him in trouble. at issue airport security. the pilot captured it all on cellphone video and posted it on amy holyfield shows us. >> while tens of thousands of people go through security checkpoints every day at sfo, thousands of airport employees are allowed to skip it. it's an issue that bothers an airline pilot so much he took his cellphone camera and videoed an airport worker. >> folks, i just wanted to give you an idea what type of
5:42 am
security for ground personnel. this is their screen. as you can see, there's only a card slide and one door. so when you see at cart, those carts aren't screened at all. >> the pilot doesn't want his name released or airline identified but he wants this public so he posted this video on >> right here is the sign, security. well, i don't think there's no security here. >> i have to admit that pretty much what he said is true. >> ron wilson worked at sfo for 47 years and he is now abc 7's aviation consultant. he says this hole in security has bothered him ever since the 9/11 attack. >> all they have to do is take their i.d. i still have mine. and scan it through a scanner and the door automatically opens. and they're on the airfield. three days after the pilot posted his airport security tour on, deputies arrived at his home which he also
5:43 am
recorded. they were there to confiscate his gun. an officer must not engage in conduct that impairs the efficiency of tsa or causes the loss of confidence in tsa. the pilot's attorney thinks they sent six people to the pilot's house to send a message. >> the message was you've angered us by telling the truth and by showing america there are major security problems despite the fact we've spent billions of dollars allegedly to improve airline safety. >> a tsa spokesman told abc 7 news he's unaware of the incident but did say airport employees go through thorough background checks and are subject to random screenings. it isn't feasible to screen all the employees and passengers every day. he wishes he brought miss concern to the tsa and not broadcast them to the public. >> we wanna mention reporter george warren of our affiliate
5:44 am
in sacramento broke the story when the pilot contacted him. it's 5:43 now. big crowds at the malls. have you seen them? and the rising cost of your morning cup of coffee. the bloomberg business report coming up. >> in chicago, firefighters mourn the loss of two of their own. next, why they were all willing to put their lives on the line. >> a state lawmaker wants to pull the plug on parties at the cow palace but critics say she's off the mark. what these navy helicopter pilots were really doing when
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> welcome back. it's a pretty good day to travel around the state where it's dry as well as tomorrow. sunshine! even in southern california. l.a. high 61. 65 palm springs. tahoe also a nice drive up this morning. 42 degrees your high. but look out for a big storm headed our way christmas day and that could make tough driving conditions up to the sierra. >> more news now with kristen. >> a monterey county soldier has died in a roadside bombing. he dried in kandahar province on sunday after enemy forces attacked his vehicle. the seaside high school graduate joined the army last year and last visited over thanksgiving. his parents were farm workers who later worked in the hospital
5:48 am
-- hospitality industry. two firefighter brothers parished while searching an abandoned building on chicago's south side. more about this tragedy. >> the search was frantic. desperate. more than 100 firefighters digging through smoldering rubble with axes, buckets, even their own hands trying to save four of their brothers. they were trapped when the roof of this abandoned burning building gave away. >> our condolences and prayers go out to both families, their friends, and their brothers and sisters of the chicago fire department. >> gerald lost his brother, morey ankam. the former police officer leaves a wife and three children. their fathers, brothers are heroes and their extended firefighter family will be with them as long as they need us.
5:49 am
>> and salute! >> in a heartbreaking scene, the city showed its ultimate respect to cory and ed, a 12-year veteran. >> the public outpouring of support is truly appreciated. we're a tight-knit community and it means more than anything to us to receive heart-felt messages of support and love. >> three days before christmas. >> their sacrifice in this instance, the ultimate sacrifice of two lives are selflessly given saving the lives of citizens of chicago. >> all this on the 100th anniversary of the stockyard fire that killed 21 firefighters, one of the deadliest days for first responders before 9/11, a century later a reminder as two grim processions wound their way through the windy city. barbara pinto, abc news, chicago. >> a lawmaker from san francisco
5:50 am
wants to outlaw raves from taking place at the cow palace and other venues owned by the state of california. the proposal by an assemblywoman comes after two people died from drug overdoses and police made several narcotics arrests after a rave in may. more than a dozen others ended up in the hospital from either using drugs or drinking too much during a similar show in october. one show promoter told our media partner that the proposed law is "alienating a generation of californians." mike is off today but look who's back, folks! >> it's me! >> i haven't seen you a while. >> i've been off. been enjoying it. mike enjoyed a nice basketball game last night. we have sunshine headed our way and clear skies over most of the bay area where this beautiful live shot from our roof cameras looking towards embarcadero and the bay bridge and the ferry building which is lit up in
5:51 am
green and red for christmas. it's very clear around most of the bay area; however, we are getting thick valley fog in the north bay. if you're heading out the door right now, you definitely want to bundle up because it's cool in santa rosa, 36 degrees, low 40s in san rafael and fairfield and concord. 49 in gilroy, 51 salinas. check out where the visibility is in parts of the north bay. we had a lot of moisture in the ground and now we have this cool air because of the clear skies. that's why we have the fog developing in santa rosa, novato where visibility is down to a fourth of a mile. napa also down to one and a half miles but everywhere else you notice it's quite clear, east bay, peninsula and south bay. no problems with visibility but temperatures will be coming down quite a bit this morning. so we've got some foggy valleys and a cool start. but then we'll see sunshine
5:52 am
today and also tomorrow. our next storm is slated our way just in time for christmas day. so if you have to do some traveling, you'll wanna do it before christmas at lunchtime. ideally today or tomorrow. your highs for today, right around the mid-50s. 56 san francisco, 55 oakland. cooler though clear lake at 50 degrees and 57 san jose. we'll see lots of sunshine and a few clouds still in parts of the bay area. look for 57 in watsonville. 55 monterey. this next storm system, that's gonna move in christmas day and it's gonna bring us about an inch of rain in the bay area, up to 2 inches in the higher elevation. here's the timing. right around lunch to 4:00 where we see the heaviest rain, areas of yellow. that will be a tough time to
5:53 am
travel. and then this turns into showers sunday. your 7-day forecast, two dry days to get all your christmas errands done. christmas a tough day for travel up to tahoe with showers sunday, dry on monday with a chance of showers returning tuesday and more rain an wednesday. megan's got an update on that slowing in solano county. >> this injury crash in solano county really causing a mess. it's westbound 80. we have fire crews, ambulance and tow trucks on the scene. right now the middle lane is blocked. we're seeing speeds below 40 mph as you make your way past the scene of the crash. if you're taking mass transit, no delays. bart operating on a normal weekday schedule. if you head out of town towards the sierra, you need chains on 88 but not 50 and 80. expect delays on 88. one-way traffic controls in effect at pine grove.
5:54 am
that's from an earlier mud slide. click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. >> are you done with your holiday shopping? you're not alone. you may need to start brushing your hair before you make a phone call. here's bloomberg reporter jane king to explain in the "moneyscope" report. >> get ready to brave the crowds if you're not done with your holiday shopping. more than 23 million people say they head out on christmas eve. expect the malls to remain packed after christmas. half the consumers say they expect to shop between christmas and new year's day. all according to the international council of shopping centers and goldman sachs. rising home prices at least for some folks, real estate solutions forecast prices will go up in 40% in the major metro areas in the u.s. next year. by a 3.5% gain in the san diego area but nevada and florida still struggling. ibm out with its latest list of
5:55 am
ideas as researchers expect to become a reality. they say get ready for 3-d images and people calling four cellphone and computer programs that can tell when when where traffic jams will take place. spent $6 million on research and development last year. arab ca beans at 13 year highs. dunkin' donuts asking regulators to limit speculation in coffee, sugar and wheat saying something as simple as a good cup of coffee under threat because of hedge funds and other speculators. they did hire yesterday after the government said the economy grew faster in the third quarter than first estimated. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> we now know why two navy helicopters were hovering so low over lake tahoe this fall. we showed you remember in september how pilots positioned their $33 million helicopters a few feet above the water in
5:56 am
emerald bay but didn't have enough power to keep hovering. both choppers dipped into the water. the damage cost half a million dollars to repair. a navy official now says they were taking pictures for their unit's page and will not be punished for their actions. >> california releasing five new anti-tobacco television commercials. >> this may be my last chance to warn you. >> one of the ads featured debbie austin whose first anti-smoking ad in 1997 was widely acclaimed for its direct approach. it showed her smoking through her tracheotomy hole. it will focus on the impact cigarettes have on the environment. 100 million pounds of cigarette butts every year go into landfills. chocolate may hold the key for those who suffer from persistent cough.
5:57 am
researchers have identified an ingredient in chocolate that is shown to be effective treating people with a cough that lasted more than two weeks. final clinical trials. a drug containing the ingredient could hit the market within two years. one sweet-tasting medicine. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, the antioch businessman that got a plan in free money to keep the street safe. his very generous offer and a challenge he's making to fellow residents. >> i'm terry mcsweeney near the college of marin in kentfield where 850,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into the street last week and now the f.b.i. called in to fififififififififii
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